Day 15 Setting Up A Campsite

Apologies for the gap, the days seem to be flying.

In the sunny spells it has been just beautiful.  I am  currently on a mission to take control of the hedges. The ever observant Fiona asked me what hedges – it’s as if she’s never been here – the place is heaving with hedges.  Working outside with a warm late winter sun on your back is just fab. It’s also been an opportunity to spot lots of wildlife.  There are birds everywhere and I have no idea what most of them are.  On Friday, I spotted my first red squirrel on the site.  It was incredible to watch, so beautiful.  We have seen a few in the UK of course but never in our back garden.

The past week has been remarkably incident free.   The weather has been a bit lively with a couple of storms.  Last night there was a power cut and unfortunately all the candles and camping lights are conveniently in my mum’s garage in Whitley Bay. I’ve met quite a few locals; some French, some British.  They have all be really kind and welcoming – taking pity on a poor scruffy Scotsman who speaks reasonable English and crazy French.

Tomorrow (if it’s dry) I think I’ll make a start on the outside of the gites just to freshen them up.


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