Day 19 Setting up a Campsite in Gers

Le Poteau Gites

Now that at least two of our devoted followers have very kindly and probably not entirely accurately compared our blog to Driving Over Lemons ( a very fine “we moved abroad” kind of book) I have considered re-titling to Stomping Over Leaves. It has been an epic job clearing them all – we are definitely not short of trees.

I am on a constant learning curve.  Yesterday our French neighbours kindly invited me for lunch.  I trotted over after a decent breakfast, expecting a light snack.  I really should have known better!  After a starter of crevettes, avocado and home made mayonnaise, chicken and beans, salad, cheese and prune tart, I nearly crawled home.  I still had a jobs list and had to really pull myself together to get things done but I did – honestly Fiona!

Today, I decided to make a serious start on the gites.  Unfortunately, I decided to do a really thorough job and examine the roof.  It soon became apparent that some tiles on the terrace canopy needed replaced.  Not a big deal for a top handyman like myself (well -I’m learning) but turns out (that phrase is cropping up a lot) that the tiles I need are no longer in production.  No doubt there will be a solution,  At least the gites are dry and there is no internal damage.

Now that I have a French mobile,  French people are convinced that I can understand long, complex messages in rapid French. Maybe one day that will be true but at this point……….

Just a week now until the amazing Mrs Downes comes to join me (and yes Jess and Mum you are amazing but I mean the other one!) Really looking forward to being in our new home together.



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