Day 23 Setting Up A Campsite in Gers

It has been quite an experience watching Spring spring at Le Poteau.  The place is really coming to life.  Buds are appearing and there are spring flowers dotted everywhere.  There is a lot of life in the hedgerows as well.  Every time I walk past one they come alive with little lizards.  And, of course, we have a very important new addition to our livestock.   Hamish, our Belted Galloway, is very excited about his new post as you can see from the picture.  He has settled in really well and seems to be enjoying country life. He is already in the running to topple me from my prestigious position as Employee of the Month.

Generally, things are going well.  The gites have been emptied, ready for their upgrade.  Unfortunately I did this during an extremely windy day and it turns out that a mattress carried in high winds turns into a very effective airplane wing – we almost had a Flying Scotsman in Gers.  The hedges have been well and truly clipped and I spent hours today trimming the climbing roses.  The woodpile has been relocated, leaving a nice spot for guests as it has one of the best views on the site.  While everything may not have gone 100% to plan we didn’t really expect it to and there’s always been a solution to every hitch.

Fiona arrives out on Saturday which we are both really excited about.  Really looking forward to working on the site together and maybe having some chilling moments.  The evenings here are so beautiful and having a wander round the site together as the sun goes down will be lovely.

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