Day 4 of setting up a campsite

Top tip of the day.  If you buy a rural property in France down a beautiful, tree lined, narrow lane have a very good chat with your removal company well in advance.  Otherwise, they may turn up with a massive lorry which can barely pass through the village far less manouvre it’s way down lovely lanes.  Anyway, one rental van and 5 trips later, we finally have furniture in the house.  The removal lads were extremely practical and very good natured about it all.  Thank goodness.

On the positive front.  When picking up the van I noticed a tractor shop. The very helpful owner came straight away to check out our tractor.  An initial diagnosis of idiocy (no diesel) was fortunately incorrect as the diesel had been there but was leaking profusely.  The helpful tractor man got the part and within the hour all fixed.

On a negative front, the beer I purchased to treat myself turned out to be sans alcohol – ah well!

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