Day 6 Escape To The Campsite

Gite Patio

Today has been a great success.  Alistair with a T (as opposed to Alasdair with a D) has been a great help. Luckily he is an experienced hand with a chainsaw.  His words of encouragement and technical advice were much appreciated.   As a result, the tree felling went off without incident.  All limbs are intact, the entrance is wider and we are stocked up for the wood burner. Chainsaws are great.  Friends are great too.

The tractor was put to good use and is now puttering along very nicely, thanks to our friendly local tractor fixer.

Fiona is all too aware that my lifelong ambition to own a chainsaw and tractor is the main reason we now have a campsite.  Our motivation may differ somewhat!

During all the activity we saw a remarkable amount of wildlife; including a coypu, roe deer and two species of woodpecker.

Today’s picture shows the view from the terrace of Hirondelle and includes one of the damaged trees we had to remove.  Don’t worry it has not affected the view one little bit!.

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