Day 5 of setting up a campsite

Now that the furniture has arrived,  I decided to venture further afield to Auch to sort out registering the business at the Chambre de Commerce.  In my absence, some friends arrived a little earlier than I had expected.  Alistair and Andrea are seasoned motor home enthusiasts, from Whitley bay.   I was delighted to hear from them and headed back. I still haven’t found the Chambres de Commerce but hopefully I’ll get all sorted next week.  Watch this space…..

Unfortunately, I missed a visit from neighbours who had come to say hello, friends of the lovely Joop and Marijke who used to own Le Poteau.  Hopefully I will catch up with them soon.  Jean Jaques our friendly vineyard owner dropped by though.  He is busy pruning the Armagnac producing vines next to the site.   It is an epic, labour intensive job which he says will take 2-3 months.

Good to share a traditional french meal of spaghetti bolognaise with old friends in our new home ( even if someone is missing). Alistair and Andrea kindly brought some more of our stuff, including my new turntable.   So we raked through our old vinyl and chatted while listening to some retro sounds over few glasses of local wine.

Tomorrow I have tree to cut down.  My first ever chainsaw adventure!

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