Day 8 Escape To The Campsite

Relatively quiet couple of days.  Alistair and Andrea headed off to hopefully sunny Spain.  Bonne chance mes amis.  The entrance is looking great now that we have cleared away one of the conifers.  The picture is of Alistair towing the conifer.  He was in his element.  The tractor is such a great bit of kit and it actually works now – treemendous!

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to set up the wifi.  Hit problems when I realised that it needed to send me a text with a code but couldn’t as it wanted a french mobile number and I don’t have one yet. I couldn’t then e-mail to change this to an e-mail notification as I don’t have wifi! Tricky!  So mission for today was to get a French sim card.  Unfortunately, I went to a supermarket that doesn’t sell sim cards and by the time I got to the place that did (Orange in Nogaro) – it had done that French Monday thing and shut for the day.  Fortunately, when I got home, there was a letter from Orange with all the info I needed.  Unfortunately, after confidently following all the instructions it still didn’t work. However, five minutes into a catch up with my lovely wife, it suddenly fired up and we were able to Skype which is so much better.  Nikki (youngest daughter) also managed to catch me so that was lovely.  Unfortunately, it has now gone down again so back to Orange in Nogaro tomorrow.

I also met with Monsieur le Mayor today.  He was absolutely charming and very keen to help get all the business side moving.  It will be good to meet up with him when Fiona is out in February.

The evenings are so beautiful here.  The light is soft, the birds are singing and finally the weather is mild.